Contract Farming

Contract Farming

We are engaged in the entire spectrum of activity right from the cultivation of medicinal plants, their processing and extraction.The success of any herbal based product is dependent on the ready availability of high quality medicinal herbs.

Keeping this in mind, Manipal has planned for large area of contract farming. This will ensure the availability of quality raw material and also helps us to give back to society as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility to the most deserving class of people in our society viz. the farmer.


Herbal Raw material required for processing will be sourced from farmers through contract farming model.
Extraction process is powered by solar energy since the group has big name in solar energy plant in India
Rainwater harvesting: entire factory is having rainwater harvesting system to enrich the ground water level.
At Manipal, another effective green initiative is extensive planting of trees.
Effluent Treatment Plant: Manipal Natural is having an effluent treatment plant with adequate capacity to treat the waste material produced by Extraction unit. The fully functional Effluent Treatment Plant at Manipal Natural manufacturing facility uses multi- stage evaporation to ensure zero discharge of effluents.

The numerous benefits accruing out of this activity are listed below:

Better remuneration:

We enter into a direct buy back agreement with farmers to ensure better return to the farmers by bye passing the middle man or agent. We do this by advancing money to the farmer’s right from the onset of the agreement and also disburse payments at periodic intervals to take care of all his needs.

Latest farming methods:

We provide the farmers with high quality seeds, bio fertilizers and bio pesticides in addition to educating them about Good Agricultural Practices. This ensures optimum yield from the land to thereby increasing his earnings.

Assured income:

Our agreement with the farmers assures the farmers of an assured income thereby bringing greater stability and improving the quality of life of his entire family.

Organic and safe farming methods:

We encourage the use of bio pesticides and bio fertilizers to ensure that the soil integrity is preserved for sustainable farming operations. This in turn ensures that the period of inactivity where the farmer is unable to cultivate his land due to indiscriminate usage of chemical pesticides is avoided, thereby safeguarding the interest of the farmer.

Farmer free from debt trap:

The bane of the Indian farmer- which is falling prey to the unscrupulous middle and money lenders due to lack finances has been avoided by this model of contract farming.

Better quality of life:

The better remuneration and assured incomes have directly resulted in the overall improvement in the quality of life of the farmers families too. There children are able to attend school regularly and all their health related requirements are being taken care

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